Feel the Acer Swift 5 Air Edition: The ultraportable laptop suitable for business people

Acer Swift 5 Air Edition

More than 2 weeks of companion with Acer Swift 5 Air Edition has brought me quite a lot of interesting emotions. Impressive not only because Acer has created an ultraportable laptop with a weight of only 940 g, but also reminds me of the old days of the charm of practicality. The Swift 5 Air Edition is not the perfect product, but it has enough practicality to hit the user mentality.

It was a fine day in 2012 when I attended the launch event of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system at the Continental Hotel, and one of the products that attracted my attention the most was the Acer S7. Do not know if you remember, the day Windows 8 was born, almost all brands were following the trend of 2-in-1 laptop with a full screen flip for the high-end segment. S7 is a rare product that remains faithful to the traditional pragmatic clamshell but in an ultra-thin design and integrated touch screen to keep up with the trend. Six years later, 2-in-1 laptops regressed and clamshell laptops dominated the market once again. That is, sometimes it is not practical, and although I did not have the opportunity to experience many S7s, its philosophy was perfectly inherited by the Acer Swift 5 Air Edition.

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I often joke that ultraportable laptops like the Acer Swift 5 Air Edition are made for light work, so the slimmer it is, the more you will have to pay to own them. But thanks to the rapid development of technology, the Core i7-8550U version that has been with me in the past has a retail price of only 28 million, much softer than the 30 million of S7 in the past. . 28 and 30 sounds close to that, but now the rate of price drop is just as stormy as that of Vietnamese money, the S7 if there is a 2018 version, it would not be less than 40 million. And my advice for you is to forget performance and buy ultraportable because of its beauty.

Conventional user mentality believes that numbers don’t lie, so comparing specs is very common. However, although you can not lie, the numbers are sometimes not enough for you to see the value of the product and the ultra-dynamic laptop is a typical example. My Acer Swift 5 Air Edition is equipped with an 8-thread 4-core Core i7-8550U processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD and you can find other ultraportable laptops with similar configurations. But the price is higher or lower, not to mention the gaming laptops with much higher performance. Simply put, it is no coincidence that ultraportable laptops are often aimed at business people, because you also have to … treat it like the boss. Ultra-portable laptop is used to connect you with the world, surf the web and check mail gently to assign heavy tasks to others. Typically, I wrote this article on Swift 5 Air Edition, thinking near death while the laptop only has to access the Subtle.

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The best laptop is the one that you are carrying with you, how powerful you just leave it at home or office is meaningless. Ultra-portable laptops only need moderate performance, but the most important thing is that it’s slim and beautiful so you don’t mind carrying it with you. And that is what the Acer Swift 5 Air Edition, although not really perfect, has done very well.

940 g makes the Swift 5 Air Edition one of the lightest 14-inch laptops available today, even lighter than the 970 g of the LG Gram. Even a person who regularly uses thin and light laptops like Macbook Pro 13, Asus Zenbook Ũ430, … as I also feel “burdened” with less visible everyday. The finish is on the plus side, with a magnesium and lithium alloy exterior chassis. Magnesium, as many of you probably know, is as hard as it weighs only 2/3 of aluminum. Meanwhile, lithium is the lightest metal in the world, added to enhance its resistance to corrosion. Although it is only 14.8 mm thin, it still feels sturdy, and with it is the reassurance in daily use.

One point that made me quite surprised is the keyboard, with the unexpected feeling of typing compared to the thinness of the machine. The interesting thing here is that the inside of the Swift 5 Air Edition does not share the same material with the outer case, instead, Acer switched to magnesium and copper alloys. This helps to increase the stiffness, and even people like me who tap hard won’t feel the surface sink. Combined with good bounce and reasonable key spacing, Swift 5 Air Edition is one of the laptops with a very impressive typing experience in the segment under 30 million dong. Of course, we also have LED backlit lights for nightlife like me.

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Like the S7 in the old days, the Swift 5 Air Edition inherits the 180-degree open screen design that I really like. Well, it’s not as compact as a 2-in-1 laptop, but just enough to provide support for you to comfortably use its 14-inch touchscreen. IPS technology provides wide viewing angles and eye-catching colors, the FullHD resolution is generally not excellent, but enough for a 14-inch laptop priced under 30 million dong. Is it a bit of note that because of the built-in touch, Swift 5 Air Edition uses a mirror screen, which will be glare if used directly in the sun. In the shade or indoors it shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to a pretty good default brightness.

The fingerprint sensor is also integrated, great if you like yourself very lazy to type in passwords to log into Windows. A light swipe is the skin, Windows Hello feature will let you right into the desktop of Windows 10 Home licensed by Swift 5 Air Edition. In general, it is very convenient, like now that no one uses a smartphone but tries to type in a password to unlock it.

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If we talk about the point that I am not really satisfied, it is the battery life of the device that is quite modest compared to other products in the same segment. The manufacturer claims the battery can be used for 8 hours, but in fact, I sit and write articles, surf the web and edit lightroom photos gently, the device lasted about 5 hours only. This will depend on your purpose for use, but the safest thing is to follow the charger to avoid tragedy. About love, can also sympathize for Acer, they have to accept tradeoffs to create an ultra-thin laptop only 14.8 mm and weighing only 940 g. In addition to the 14-inch IPS touch screen and the most powerful Core i7-8550U processor in the ultraportable segment at a price of less than 30 million, it is honestly difficult to ask for more.

In short, although there are still some things that can be improved further such as battery life, overall I am still satisfied with the experience that the Acer Swift 5 Air Edition brings. Acer has once again proven that it is a major laptop brand, with quality products from the low-end to the high-end segment. Not long ago, the Predator Triton 700 confirmed that Acer can completely create the best laptops in the segment, and now the Swift 5 Air Edition shows that with limited budget of the mid-range segment, users there will still be a choice worth considering. As for the popular affordable segment, Acer has been too popular before, Xi Pa Chao will not add this part.


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