The INNOVITI smart lock is integrated into the Lumi Smart Home ecosystem

INNOVITI smart key

As the first product marking the results of cooperation between Lumi and Viet-Tiep Joint Stock Company, the INNOVITI smart lock product line contains many new smart features, while preserving the inherent preeminent features. made a name for INNOVITI.

I. 4 + 1 way to unlock smart INNOVITI-S

Facing the growing market demand for smart lock products, Viet – Tiep and Lumi Smart House launched the INNOVITI-S electronic lock product line on March 16, 2021. This is a product line that expresses the spirit of innovation, creativity and application of technology to the company’s products nearly 50 years old, and is also a strategic product of Lumi – young face. technology village

Electronic lock is a series of locks running on electricity, allowing users to unlock with fingerprints, magnetic cards, PIN codes and mechanical lock. In fact, the INNOVITI electronic lock line was launched by Việt-Tiep in early 2019. By March 2021, the upgraded INNOVITI-S version was added with a smartphone control function after Vietnam – Czech Collaborate with Lumi, put the IOT Zigbee core inside the lock and put the INNOVITI-S lock into the Lumi Smart home ecosystem. Thus, users can unlock INNOVITI-S by 5 ways.

Like any other lock, the INNOVITI-S smart lock allows the user to use the mechanical lock to lock / unlock. However, the mission of smart lock products is to bring comfort and increase security to homes. Therefore, the unlocking forms of INNOVITI-S by fingerprint, magnetic card and PIN are invested to develop more than anything else.

4 + 1 way to unlock smart INNOVITI-S

With the ability to store up to 100 magnetic cards, 100 fingerprints, the INNOVITI-S lock is not only the choice for Vietnamese families, but also suitable for installation in offices, hotels – places with large inbound and outbound traffic. Not only that, the processing technologies applied to unlocking by fingerprint and magnetic card are also optimized for each processor chip, ensuring the sensitivity and accurate identification of the user.

Using fingerprint-aware biometric technology, the INNOVITI-S smart lock can accurately recognize fingerprints of the elderly or young children who are at high risk of fingerprint aging and poor memory.

Using magnetic cards instead of mechanical lock , you won’t have to fumble in the dark to find the right place to insert the lock into the lock. Instead, you just need to bring the magnetic card close to the sensor position to open the card in less than 1 second.

In addition to the option to open with fingerprint, magnetic card, you can also use a PIN to unlock.

Especially, after Vietnam – Czechoslovakia collaborated with Lumi, the INNOVITI-S smart lock was able to remotely open the door with the host’s Smartphone, at the same time users had many advanced options with unlock feature. by PIN code

II. Easily decentralize accounts and set door status

Unlock decentralization is one of the features that can only be found in smart electronic lock , and INNOVITI-S is no exception. The INNOVITI-S lock divides the user into Admin (the host with the highest authority) and the User (other members – the secondary user).

In which, the admin will have all rights to set the lock mode, add or delete users, and have the highest privilege to close / open / control the lock even in the left lock state. Decentralized mode is unified on the lock and the control app of Lumi Life

In addition to the ability to decentralize users, the door lock INNOVITI-S also allows setting different door states such as left lock, fixed door opening for many purposes.

Easily decentralize accounts and set door status

When the left lock is activated, the user cannot unlock from the outside with a regular code, magnetic card or fingerprint, but only can open with admin rights. This mode is often used during long-term business trips, or restricted in and out of the office after working hours.

When the Fixed Opening Mode is activated, users can directly push the handle to open the door. This mode is suitable for doors in common aisles or when homeowners have frequent visitors.

III. Increased home protection after Works with Lumi Life

The version of the INNOVITI-S lock in circulation, which was also equipped by Vietnam – Czechs, has home protection modes such as alarming bells, disabled within 5 minutes when detecting an abnormal impact, entering a virtual code. anti-disclosure … But after Works With Lumi Life, the protection of the lock has been optimized thanks to the connection between the INNOVITI-S lock and the host’s phone.

Integrated into Lumi Smart home ecosystem, homeowners can use the Smartphone to generate one-time passwords. This feature comes into play when a landlord wants to hire a maid by the hour but is busy working during office hours, or a guest arrives at the home on an scheduled schedule that coincides with the time of a host meeting at the company. . Guests can use that one-time password to enter the PIN to open the door.

Increased home protection after Works with Lumi Life

In addition, homeowner’s control will be enhanced through works with Lumi Life. Not only processing and issuing warnings at the time of strange effects, the INNOVITI-S lock also sends an alert to the host’s phone.

When the password or card is entered incorrectly more than 3 times, causing the INNOVITI-S lock to go into hibernation, or detect a prying sign, in addition to processing and issuing a warning at that time, the INNOVITI-S lock sends warnings to the landlord’s phone. At the same time, the anti-theft security scenario will be activated: lights are on, sirens loudly and multi-zone sound sends messages threatening thieves …

Unlock remotely with a Smartphone, receive an alert when detecting a strange impact on the INNOVITI-S lock, and combine with other devices in the house to create a burglary scenario … are smart features derived from the needs of users to check, monitor and be protected.

With the full features and safety of the smart lock INNOVITI will bring many benefits to the use and operation of the house. Helps you to keep your home safe and more.

Hopefully, the information that XiPaChao shares in this cover will bring essential information to everyone.


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