IPhone 12 Pro Max review: who should buy and who shouldn’t

Review iphone 12 pro max

The largest, heaviest, the camera cluster is also the largest and thickest, the most powerful camera hardware, the most technology and also the most annoying but also the best in some aspects, … is what we Get in Pro and Max versions of iPhone 12.

Xi Pa Chao go straight to the point for those who are interested:

I. Who is the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the aforementioned features for?

For Brothers who are dissatisfied with the battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro

I use iPhone 12 Pro Max as a main machine with basic tasks including: Surfing Facebook the most, surfing Reddit, listening to calls, texting Telegram, playing games for a long time, or Lien Quan. normal days will watch YouTube. The gaming interval is what makes the battery life fluctuate the most and as a result, the onscreen time with this device for me ranges from 6-10 hours / day.

In the past 10 days, I almost did not need to plug in the charger for the iPhone 12 Pro Max during a day of working and going out. Until the evening, if I go out too late every day, from the 15% battery at about 9pm, I switch to battery saving mode, I can still hold until I take Grab home at 12pm. Basic for me is more than enough and abundant for a whole day.

Therefore, the 12 Pro Max will be the best iPhone for those who need a lot of battery, which was previously not met by the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro Max will be for those who like the glossy, luxurious look of shiny stainless steel, especially the easy-to-see Pacific Blue and shiny gold border.

Obviously, the shiny bezel of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the point that makes this machine become much more shiny and advanced than the metal material. In addition, 2 impressive colors are gold and Pacific Blue are 2 colors that contribute to increasing the identity of this machine. At the same time, the square design accidentally makes this shiny border more visible, more visible and from there, it will be more beautiful and sparkling.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max will be for those who prefer the biggest screen possible on an iPhone

The large screen is always happy to see the content and the figure is 6.7 inches, while the OLED panel of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will fulfill that perfectly. Experience League of Legends or PUBG, watching Netflix, viewing photos, … on a 6.7-inch phablet screen makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max the best iPhone in terms of screen size and quality.

One little controversy here is why the iPhone 12 Pro Max still has a 60Hz display. Forget about the analysis that Apple wants to focus more on the battery for 5G or the big screen, … in fact if you are too familiar with the iOS interface and the iPhone screen, it is not a concern. . At the same time, Apple has done a great job of getting iOS 14 to show the movements enough that someone who has seen so many other high-speed displays doesn’t feel too out of place. Only when you put it beside, the difference will of course be easier to see, but maybe that is only worrying when you have 2 machines and like to see it.

Those who are more strict about the quality of instant shots, especially low-light images: because the sensor is larger, anti-shake from the sensor shift layer to LIDAR and DeepFusion algorithm, …

To put it bluntly, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most impressive phone camera, giving the best photos with just a simple press of a button. Apple has done too well in handling everything and giving users the best results. Accomplished!

So what is the difference between iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro? The real difference is not so great that the majority of users can easily see it for most of the favorable daylight, daylight situations.

However, things will be very different when it starts to sunset, all night until dawn the next morning, … Extremely low light situations will be when the iPhone 12 Pro Max shows the ability of cold. Large variable, large aperture, lens and smart algorithm. That is the reason why most of the photos I choose to take in difficult situations such as at night, in the dark, in restaurants with few lights, extremely strong differences in light, …

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II. What is the conclusion?

iPhone 12 Pro Max focusing in low light is definitely faster than 11 Pro Max thanks to its LIDAR sensor. Just take 2 cameras to take a portrait in low light, surely 12 Pro Max will produce twice as fast, including when the camera decides to shoot faster.

In the same extremely low light conditions, the exposure time of iPhone 12 Pro Max will always be faster (usually 1 second) than iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 Series. We put the device in a very low light room, iPhone 11 Pro takes 3 seconds to take and stitch photos, iPhone 12 Pro Max only takes 1 second. The faster the shooting time, not merely saving time but also, in more stressful situations, it is still beneficial.

The machine automatically identifies the Nightmode mode, exposure for 1s and I have the results below. Sharp enough, enough to see things that even in the car with off the lights my eyes can hardly see. If you zoom, the word Thaco lights up in the middle of the dashboard still clearly read. This is what I have seen, rarely any smartphone can do with just one button.

And thanks to the larger sensor, you can see when cropping deeper into the portrait in almost 90% dark room conditions, the noise is obviously much less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. There, eat money there.

The ultra-wide lens quality on the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be quite subtle compared to the 11 Series. However, when taking the same scene with 2 cameras as above, you can see the distortion, the quality of the photo is still better than the previous generation.

Focal length whether 2x or 2.5x equates to 56m or 65mm personally is useful enough in most everyday shooting situations, portraits, objects, documents, school boards, … Regarding the effect of removing fonts, if you are careful, the background of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be improved a little bit, but for those who think that the larger sensor will erase the blurred background, optical bokeh like The mechanical device is not, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still a phone. However, if you consider it separately, the portrait photo is still good enough in terms of font removal.

And of course, anti-shake, the recording ability of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s mic is also quite impressive, enough to even initially confidently ask some media team to shoot my long review with this machine.

III. For those who just buy iPhone is the highest version!

Already. This is the reason that many brothers in the past chose to avoid thinking, spend time thinking about something bigger, of course for these brothers there must be money and moreover, the money is spent. out for the iPhone 12 Pro Max well deserved.


IV. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t be for anyone?

The most frustrating point for me on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the size is too large. Is that the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max? The answer is very different. If the 11 Pro Max’s bezel is still curved, so even if it’s bigger, you don’t need to hold it too much, especially holding it with one hand for a long time, or want to extend your finger to the opposite edge. it is better to press something.

However, the 12 Pro Max has a sharp edge and therefore, the total area that your hands rest on the machine will be significantly less, leading to the edges will need more hands, faster hand pain. On the other hand, the heavy weight of the device made it impossible to hold the phone with one hand and watch it upright while lying on a chair wiping at a barbershop.

And of course, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is bigger and more beautiful with a shiny glitter frame, at the same time, when fingerprinting it will also be easier to see and uncomfortable than other machines.

All in all, for girls with small hands, soft hands but like to use a one-handed phone, weak hands do not want to hold something too heavy because it is no longer comfortable, but you do not like to have to wipe If you clean the device too many times, you should choose other iPhone 12 series options for your safety.

Ah, guys who feel that the camera features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max above are not worth the price and the big screen and many other things like a big battery, … still not worth it, maybe choose another option. , … but I bet, you gave up the best smartphone, no matter if it was a big monster and hurt you or not!


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