Evaluation of the 4th generation Kia Sedona 2021 – Kia Carnival

kia carnival 2021

The 4th generation Kia Sedona 2021 (Kia Carnival 2021) has just announced detailed parameters that make many Vietnamese customers more curious before this model. When it was just released, the car caused fever in the segment thanks to spectacular changes in appearance and many super hot equipment.

Completely changing the face of the old generation launched 6 years ago, the end for Kia Sedona is the rain of orders. In just 2 hours, there were more than 20,000 orders for this model, setting a record for the number of applications closed.

New points on the Kia Carnival 2021

  • Overall length increased by 40 mm, width increased by 10 mm
  • Smart power sliding door “Smart Power Sliding Door”
  • The rear tire opens and closes smart electricity
  • 12.3 inch dual screen
  • New 2.2L Oil Engine engine
  • The 3.5L V6 naturally aspirated engine replaces the 3.3L petrol engine

1. Basic technical parameter

Vehicle name Kia Carnival 2021
Number of seats 7
Vehicle type Mini Valve
Dimensions DxRxC 5.155 x 1.995 x 1.740 mm
The standard long 3.090 mm
Engine Diesel 2.2L and Gasoline 3.5L V6
Fuel type Oil and gasoline
Maximum capacity 202-294 horsepower
Gear 8-level automatic

2. Price

Currently in Korea, Kia Carnival has a starting price of approximately $ 30,000.

Kia Carnival 2020 has 7 exterior color options including: White, Silver, Brown, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red.

3. Exterior-complete transformation

The new generation Kia Carnival 2021 has an overall DxRxC size of 5,155 x 1,995 x 1,740 mm, respectively.

Compared to the previous generation, the length of the car has been significantly increased for a longer and smoother look. Not only that, the width of the car has also increased by 10 mm to help users have a spacious cabin, which is easier to move.

Overall, the 2021 Sedona, customers are not difficult to recognize some familiar details that are used on new Kia SUVs, especially the new KIA Seltos sold in Vietnam .

Car head

The new Kia Carnival 2021 has a shortened head that gives way to the capo by pushing the A-pillar to crawl back. The grille of the car is completely changed with the diagonal spokes wrapped around the bright chrome line.

The car is comprehensively renovated in terms of design, square headlamps with beautiful daytime LED strips. The car’s diffuser cavity extends to embrace the front end giving Sedona a more superficial look.

Vehicle body

Kia Sedona 2021 - Kia Carnival

Seen from the side, the Kia Carnival 2021 is very distinctive and stylish with a uniform black A and B pillar with body color. In the C-pillar, chromium cladding is used in diamond motifs similar to the Kia Sorento .

One of the most valuable details in the body is the first smart sliding door “Smart Power Sliding Door” in the world. Users only need to press the smart lock, the door will open to help you easily get on and off or load your luggage on the car.

Similarly, when you need to get out of the car, just press the button to comfortably get off.


Seen from behind, Kia Carnival is no different from luxury cars with the highlight of the taillights stretching from side to side – the design trend of modern sedans.

In particular, the car is also equipped with the smart electric trunk opening and closing feature, convenient to carry passengers.

4. Interior-luxury like a specialist


Kia Carnival 2021 is supplemented with a range of premium interior materials thanks to high-quality leather upholstery.

The metal-coated cabin surface incorporates premium satin effects for a feeling of luxury like a luxury jet. Depending on the version, the seat on the car will be premium Nappa or black fabric.

In this new generation, the Kia Carnival 2021 has been equipped with an interior border light system that makes the cabin more lively.

The center of the cockpit is a dual 12.3-inch display for the rear-wheel clock and entertainment screen. These equipment help users relate to the S-Class or E-Class of Mercedes .


Kia Carnival

Thanks to the 10 mm increase in overall width, the Kia Carnival has a wider, more airy cabin, and easier to travel.

The rear seats allow users to relax as if they were sitting in the waiting room with the Premium Relaxation Seat and a series of high-end technologies surrounding speech recognition and vehicle position recognition.

The middle seats of the car also provide incredible smoothness as if weightless through the push of a button. This helps to reduce the external pressure on your body such as back, hips, spine, helping you to reduce fatigue.


In addition to maintaining the standard entertainment features from its predecessor, the new generation Kia Carnival 2021 also comes with expensive equipment such as:

  • 12.3 inch dual screen
  • Voice recognition feature for rear seats
  • Share car location
  • KELL high-end sound system

5. Additional 2 powerful engines, more fuel-efficient

In its home market of Korea, Kia offers the Sedona 2021 two engine options including 2.2L Diesel and 3.5L V6 Gasoline.

In particular, the 2.2L oil engine is a completely new engine “borrowed” from the brother Sorento 2021 new generation .

This new engine was introduced by the Korean automaker as lightweight, capable of good fuel economy and significantly reduced vibrations thanks to the use of new injectors and cylinder friction reduction technology.

The 3.5L V6 Petrol engine is also a new machine equipped by Kia to replace the 3.3L Petrol in its predecessor. This new engine is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 294 horsepower, “14 more horsepower than the old type.

6. Safety – New features to assist the driver

Safety - New features to assist the driver

The new safety list system on the Kia Carnival 2021 is highly appreciated by experts when it comes to a range of features to assist the driver. Specifically:

  • Assist in forward collision avoidance
  • Assist in blind spot collision avoidance
  • Driving assistance on highways
  • Blind spot monitoring system
  • Assist to avoid collisions when vehicles cross behind
  • Information cruise control based on navigation
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Warning driver distracted
  • Support safe escape
  • Warning behind passengers

7. Conclude

With a series of new upgrades, the Kia Carnival 2021 not only appeals to owners or large businesses or families, this large multi-purpose vehicle is also aimed at customers who are dynamic young people. .

Many customers are also excited about the Kia Carnival 2021 and hope that can bring this model back to the country soon. Although there are many new “rookie” launches, Sedona is still keeping an unbeaten record in sales in the large multi-purpose MPV segment.

Thank you for watching the highly anticipated MPV from XiPaChao. Follow us for more news on cars.


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