Review Kia Sorento 2021 – confidently challenge Hyundai SantaFe

all new kia sorento 2021

The official launch of Kia Sorento 2021 marks a spectacular breakthrough in both the appearance and interior of the Sorento. In particular, the 4th generation of Sorento is confident to be a formidable opponent of Hyundai Santa Fe. Let XiPaChao evaluate Kia Sorento 2021 to see the highlights that this model brings.

I. Basic parameters

Vehicle name Kia Sorento 2021
Number of seats 07 or 06
Vehicle type SUV
Dimensions DxRxC 4810 x 1900 x 1700 mm
The standard long 2815 mm
Engine Smartstream 4-cylinder 2.2L, turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder combined with an electric motor and a 2.5-liter T-GDi
Fuel type Petroleum
Maximum capacity 198-227 horsepower
Maximum torque 350-440 Nm
Gear 8-speed dual-clutch automatic
Tray size 20 inch

II. Color Kia Sorento 2021

Kia Sorento 2021 has 9 exterior colors: Gray, silver, red, blue, dark green, white, brown, black, red.

Color Kia Sorento 2021

III. A detailed evaluation of the Kia Sorento 2021 on the front design

The KIA Sorento 2021 car scores with a strong, strong and sturdy appearance. In particular, compared to the old version, the Sorento 2021 is much more SUV. And of course, up to this 4th generation, the car’s appearance retains the inherent masculine style. However, what makes customers impressed with the Kia Sorento 2021 is the new breakthrough from this powerful appearance.

Kia Sorento 2021 has an overall size of 4810 x 1900 x 1700mm, wheelbase reaches 2815mm, ground clearance 176mm. With this size, the Kia Sorento 2021 not only offers a spacious and airy cabin space, but compared to competitors in the same segment as the Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 , this model is more superficial and much more powerful.

A detailed evaluation of the Kia Sorento 2021 on the front design

The highlight of the Kia Sorento 2021 is still very prominent with the tiger nose grille, divided into 2 floors, painted in the typical black color of the Kia brand. The difference of the 4th generation car compared to the predecessor models is that the honeycomb inside the grille has been refined to make the car stronger and more masculine.

Adjacent to the grille is a chain-shaped LED headlight cluster that is very harmonious and beautiful. LED daytime running lights are designed right below with an L-shaped structure that gives the car a stylish, trendy beauty.

To make the Kia Sorento 2021 cooler, more playful, the lower part of the grille, the front bumper, is extended to the sides. Combined with this wide front bumper is eye-catching fog lights. Another plus point in the front end of the Kia Sorento 2021 is that the capo is embossed with extremely bold ribs.

IV. Body design of Kia Sorento

In the Kia Sorento 2021 detailed bodywork review, we can easily see some outstanding points such as:

  • Chrome-plated bezel contours make the car more youthful and bring a more luxurious look.
  • The silver trim in the column is very harmonious.
  • The door handles and exterior mirrors are the same color as the bodywork.
  • Lazang car has a size of 20 inches, lazang design with 5 dual-spoke scratch milling machines to create stability and increase strength for the entire body.

Body design of Kia Sorento

V. Tail design on Kia Sorento 2021

The rear of the Sorento 2021 stands out with the LED tail lights that are designed separately into two parts on the sides, looking very unique and novel. The rear lights of the 4th generation Kia are also changed with a vertical instead of horizontal design as before. This design is quite similar to the rear light design of its predecessor Telluride .

A big change in the rear is the spoiler details. The Sorento 2021’s spoiler has been enlarged in size, designed to be more robust, and sportier. Such a modified spoiler will help the car improve aerodynamics during use.

To mark the ownership and make the rear end more impressive, the company also designed a shiny chrome SORENTO logo on the rear of the car. Just by looking at it, we can see the level of the car it offers.

Tail design on Kia Sorento 2021

VI. Kia Sorento 2021 have luxurious interior

The interior of the Kia Sorento 2021 is rated as quality, not inferior to the luxury cars. According to the general assessment, the interior design of the car is using high-quality materials such as metal rims, satin effect on the surface, and smooth Nappa leather. In particular, to increase the ventilation for the car, the company also designed an extremely attractive panoramic panoramic sunroof.

The interior design of Sorento 2021 is specifically assessed through every detail:


Compared to competitors such as Honda CR-V 2021 , Hyundai Santa Fe 2021, the Sorento 2021’s center console is changed to a new trend. The mechanical buttons will be minimized to the maximum to make it easier for you to control the car.

In the cockpit area, the Sorento 2021 is equipped with two large screens including a 10.25-inch entertainment screen and a 12.3-inch digital clock. These 2 screens both help you relax comfortably while driving while providing essential information quickly on the dashboard while traveling.

In addition, the Sorento 2021’s gear lever is also smarterly designed with the appearance of the circular gear shift cluster. Such a shift lever helps the vehicle increase friction, improve the aesthetics and assist you a lot while driving.

Kia Sorento 2021 have luxurious interior


Sorento 2021 is confident to become a formidable competitor to competitors in the same segment as Hyundai Santa Fe thanks in part to the design of the seat system in the passenger compartment. The seats here are designed in a sophisticated diamond pattern and are upholstered in high quality Nappa leather.

The legroom in the rear seats is quite spacious, so it will provide a comfortable feeling when sitting. In the second row, the Sorento is equipped with electric, cooling and heating functions to fully meet the needs when using. Especially the 2-port smart USB connection system in the 3rd row will help you connect more easily while sitting in the car.

Luggage compartment

Kia Sorento 2021 is 35mm larger than its predecessor. The dimensions of the car reach 4,810 x 1,900 x 1,700 (mm). With a size like this, the Sorento 2021 will look bigger and bigger than the rival’s car, the Hyundai Santa Fe.

In particular, thanks to such a large size, the Sorento 2021 has an extremely large luggage compartment. Even, the company also announced this 4th generation model with the best luggage compartment in the models in the same segment.

VII. Kia Sorento 2021 for comfort

Sorento 2021 is fully equipped with facilities such as:

  • Inheriting the entertainment system of predecessor models including GPS navigation, 12-speaker bose sound system, class DVD staging, a system that connects to many devices such as AUX, USB, Bluetooth, iPod 2 independent air conditioning zones.
  • Additional amenities: 10.25-inch infotainment screen, smart wireless charging, remote 360-degree view with a smartphone, rugged Kia digital lock, remote ignition system, interior trim 7-color interior, electronic handbrake, seat position memory system …
  • A breakthrough with Kia Pay features: Kia Pay is a remarkable step forward of the Sorento 2021 compared to other models in the same segment. With this facility you can easily change the fuel pump fee, the parking fee directly through the car’s center screen.

VIII. Evaluate the Kia Sorento on performance

Kia Sorento 2021 is distributed in Vietnam with 2 engine versions:

  • Diesel engine: This engine has a capacity of 2.2 liters, a capacity of 198 hp, torque of 440Nm, 8-speed dual-clutch automatic.
  • Gasoline engine: this engine has a capacity of 2.5 liters, a capacity of 177 horsepower, 232 Nm of torque, 6-speed automatic.

The two engines mentioned above of the Sorento 2021 version are equipped with all-wheel drive AWD all the time. With these 2 engine options, the Sorento 2021 is considered to be a fuel-efficient car and has the ability to operate flexibly.

Evaluate the Kia Sorento on performance

Performance of the Kia Sorento 2021 is more appreciated than its rival, the Hyundai Santa Fe. Because although the car size is increased, the weight of the car is less than 80kg thanks to the redesigned tires. In addition, the Sorento 2021 also has 4 driving modes Comfort, Sport, Smart, Eco combined with 3 terrain modes Snow, Mud, Sand to help the car have the ability to operate smoothly, overcoming many difficult terrain when move.

Thus, the performance and ability to overcome rugged terrain of the Kia Sorento 2021 will certainly be much superior to the competitors in the same segment in the market.

IX. Safety system on Kia Sorento 2021

Cars Kia Sorento 2021 is proud to be the car with the best safety system in the same segment. This model offers the following safety systems:

  • Multidirectional collision prevention.
  • Assist in forward collision avoidance.
  • Blind spot warning.
  • Remote control smart parking assistance.
  • Warning driver distraction situations.
  • The system of 8 airbags ensures safety.
  • Warning of vehicles crossing behind.
  • Assist in blind spot collision avoidance.
  • Driving assistance on highways.
  • Assist to avoid rear-end collision after reversing.
  • Supports automatic speed limit.
  • Lane Keep Assist.
  • Stop & Go for intelligent cruise control.

X. Conclude

Although the selling price of Kia Sorento 2021 is slightly higher than other models in the same segment, in terms of advantages that you will get such as a powerful appearance, modern interior, full comfort, safety features. Unrivaled, flexible performance … this price is absolutely worth your investment.

Above are detailed assessments of the Kia Sorento 2021 so that you can better understand the model this. Certainly, with the spectacular changes in both the exterior and the interior of the car, you will have an interesting experience and there are new alternatives for Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CR-V, …


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