Review Ugreen 65W GaN 3C1A Charger: perfect for business + travel


Here is a review of the Ugreen 65W GaN 3C1A Charger: Unmatched in the price range, perfect for my business + travel. I bought it for 18 $. Hope the review will be useful for anyone who wants to buy, if you have any questions, please comment on this post.

General information about the Ugreen 65W GaN 3C1A Charger: Unrivaled in the price range, perfect for business + travel

Hello guys, it’s Xi Pa Chao, Covid’s situation has been significantly reduced, so my working schedule has thickened, and the need to find a fast charger that has many ports and a compact has also emerged. Fortunately, during the super sale at the beginning of March last March on Lazada, I quickly picked up a great genuine charger called Ugreen 65W GaN 3C1A, with an unbelievable price of only 18 $.


In fact, every time I go on business trips, I carry 4 devices including:

  • Lenovo Thinkpad E14 laptop, 65W input charger, can receive 45W charging when operating or 18-25W slow charge when shutdown (in emergency, not recommended to do often).
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, charging input 18-25-45W PPS standard.
  • Apple iPad 5, charging input 12W.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds, charging input size 5W.

So with the Ugreen 65W GaN 3C1A charger, I will handle many arising situations such as:

  • Fully charged 65W charger for Laptop.
  • Charger capacity 45W for Laptop + 18W for Note 10+.
  • Charging capacity 45W for Laptop + 10W for iPad + 5W for Buds.
  • Charge full capacity 45W for Note 10+ + 12W for iPad.
  • Charge full capacity 45W for Note 10+ + 10W for iPad + 5W for Buds
  • Charging 18W for Laptop (when shutdown) + 18W capacity for Note 10 + + 10W for iPad + 5W for Buds (emergency, rare).

The video clip below I tested when I plugged 1 Type-C to 65W for Laptop, when the Note 10+ was plugged in, the Laptop down 45W and Note 10+ was 18W, when the iPad was plugged in, the Laptop = Note 10+ = 18W and the iPad 12W. When the iPad and Note 10+ cables are removed, the laptop returns to 65W. The current is divided by itself in a few seconds without the need to unplug the cable and reconnect it like some other chargers.

Basic technical parameter

❤️ 4 output ports (3 USB-C + 1 USB-A), total capacity 65W (see picture for details).
❤️ GaN technology reduces the size of charger to 65x65x32.2mm, weighs 255g.
❤️ Support almost all popular charging standards such as PD 3.0 / 2.0, QC 4.0 / 3.0 / 2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, SFCP; Samsung 45W / 25W (PPS), Apple 5V 2.4A, BC 1.2 Protocol, Huawei Supercharge 22.5W


Things i like

❤️ Genuine product with big brand name, avoid being misused by unknown brands.
❤️ Max 65W capacity, delicious Laptop charger.
❤️ Completed very well, Type-C and Type-A ports are straight and straight, not deviated, plug jiggling when opened and opened.
❤️ Support Samsung PPS standard, charge Max 45W for Note 10+, something that few chargers can do.
❤️ Handling many arising situations, automatically dividing lines for each device without unplugging the cord like some other chargers. You can see the clip above for easy visualization.
❤️ Compact size, easy to carry for business or travel.
❤️ The operating temperature is not too hot, even though 3-4 devices are being charged at the same time.
❤️ The price is too good, unmatched in the segment. You can watch Sale Lazada at the end of March for a good price.

Things i don’t like

Currently, there is nothing I don’t like, whether it takes time to hunt for Sale. Normal prices range from 7-800K cheats.


Should buy or not ?

Extremely worth buying for anyone who uses many devices at the same time as me, or often travels for business and travel. 1 bulb of this charger is almost enough for players to charge system (2 phones + 1 tablet + 1 True Wireless headset), if you want to play, buy 2-3 bulbs to stay at home with the company. always.


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