The best mid-range smartphones 2021

the mid-range smartphones worth buying 2021

The phone industry is growing day by day, companies continuously produce the best configuration models and sell them at the cheapest prices to attract customers. With about 5 million on hand, it is not difficult for you to find the best mid-range phone model 2021.

However, there are also dozens of models from genuine to portable, from Samsung, Oppo, Vsmart, …. to Realme, Xiaomi. So what is the best smartphone to buy when you buy it? If you have not found the answer yet, consider the TOP mid-range phones worth buying 2021 below.

1. Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

The first name in the list of mid-range phones worth buying 2021 is the Redmi K30 5G. Launched in 2020, however, for now the k30 5G is still a monster in the 250$ phone segment.

The device is equipped with Snapdragon 765G chip, the most powerful in the current mid-range segment of Qualcomm. With k30 5G you will have smooth, high-setting gaming experiences without lagging. In addition, the K30 5G also has a 120Hz refresh rate screen. Whereas other phones are only 60Hz or 90Hz. Regarding the camera, the device is equipped with a rear camera cluster with a 64MP main lens using Sony’s high-end variable cam. The quality of the pictures taken has good detail, and the colors are flattering.

Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

If you want to buy a mid-range phone with a terrible configuration, you can immediately refer to the K30 5G.

2. Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

Launched in early 2021 but Note 9 Pro 5G quickly scored points with terrible configuration, buffalo battery and beautiful camera.

Just like the Redmi K30 5G Note 9 Pro 5G also supports 5G connectivity. The device is equipped with a new generation chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, a screen of 120Hz. These are the best configuration parameters if you are looking to buy a powerful mid-range phone in 2021. In addition, Note 9 pro 5G also scores with a 4-camera cluster with 108MP lens, 4820mAh battery, support for charging. 33W fast.

Up to now, the Note 9 Pro 5G is the best mid-range phone to take pictures today. The 108MP main lens will produce pictures with very good detail, the colors are flattering by the AI.

Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

If you like the mid-range phone that takes the best photos of 2021, check out the Note 9 Pro 5G right away.

3. Poco X3 NFC

The first name on the list of the best mid-range phones in 2021 to mention is the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC model. Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, Poco models can be strong in terms of configuration, optimized for users to have the best gaming experience.

The Poco X3 FNC is powered by Qualcomm’s flagship mid-range chip called Snapdragon 732G, which integrates a water cooling system. The device ensures you play all current mobile games smoothly, without lagging and not overheating. And yet, the Poco X3 NFC has a 120Hz refresh rate display, while the others are only 60Hz or 90Hz. The larger the screen scanning frequency, the smoother the page turn when swiping and without any lag.

Poco X3 NFC

The Poco X3 is indeed the best mid-range gaming phone in 2021 when it comes with a massive 5160mAh battery that supports 33W fast charging technology. Outstanding design as a gaming phone model.

4. Xiaomo Redmi Note 9 Pro

Reminds a powerful mid-range phone that bypasses the genuine Note 9 Pro is a major shortcoming. Its itself is a genuine product, but Note 9 Pro is equipped with a configuration that is not inferior to any portable phone model.

The Snapdragon 720G processor from Qualcomm was used by Xiaomi on the legendary Redmi K20. Current performance still ensures you enjoy smooth, lag-free gameplay. In terms of design, the machine has two luxurious glass backs, large 6.67 inch screen, Full HD + resolution, IPS LCD panel.

Xiaomo Redmi Note 9 Pro

If you’re looking to buy a mid-range phone that takes great photos, the Note 9 Pro is also a good choice. The back of the device is exposed to 4 cameras with lenses: 64MP, 8MP, 2MP and 5MP. You will experience the smartest shooting features available today with beautiful image quality.

If Xiaomi’s mid-range phones have strengths in configuration, mid-range models from Samsung will eat money with huge batteries, beautiful screens with modern designs.

5. Samsung A51

Launched on December 12, 2019, Samsung Galaxy A51 is Samsung’s best-selling phone in the world in 2020. The A51 is also the first phone model equipped with high-end technologies and is the first model to open. This shows the successful sequences of the A and M series.

Galaxy A51 has a large 6.5 inch screen, S.AMOLED, Full HD +. The device is integrated with fingerprint unlock technology in the screen. Cluster of 4 cameras 48MP, 12MP, 5MP and 5MP. 4000mAh battery. About the configuration of the machine running Exynos 9611 chip, 6GB / 128GB or 8GB / 256GB memory.

Samsung A51

At the present time, with the technology equipped on the device, Samsung A51 still deserves the best phone 2021, especially with the price being deeply reduced at HungMobile, the A51 is even hotter.

6. Samsung M51

If you are looking for a mid-range phone that is worth buying 2021, especially with a huge battery, you must check out Samsung’s latest Galaxy M51.

The highlight that makes the M51 crush other competitors is a huge 7000mAh battery. With this phone model, Samsung is also very generous to offer a high-end 25W fast charger like the Note 10 Plus. With a 7000mAh battery, it will be difficult for you to use it up in 2 days at high frequency. If used less, 7 days is still enough.

Samsung M51

The strong point for the M51 to be fair competition with the mobile phone models is the Snapdragon 730 chip. Strong configuration belongs to the top of today’s top. M51 also has S.AMOLED, Full HD + screen, 6.7 inch large size. The machine uses fingerprint unlock technology on the side.


Above are all the mid-range smartphones worth buying 2021 that Xi Pa Chao shared. Hope you will find a smartphone like that for 2021. If you have any questions, please leave comments under the comments for the fastest answer.


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