What is smart home? Smart home includes any devices?

smart home

You always wonder what smart home or smarthome is? Smarthome has what is called smart home, and smart home consists of which devices? So let’s learn about smart home with Xi Pa Chao.

I. What is smart home?

If you are wondering what a smart home is, then it is simply any house or villa or apartment equipped with Internet-connected devices to help you manage and monitor a wide range of devices such as lighting, doors, temperature sensors, entertainment systems, security alarms, surveillance cameras and other connected devices from a mobile phone or from a voice assistant anywhere where in the world.

Managed from lighting, heating and to all your multimedia entertainment, the smart home makes your life safer and easier.

II. Smart home devices include what?

Smart home devices include what

1. Lighting

Imagine being able to control the lights in your home whether you’re relaxing on vacation or coming home from work. The picture wakes up in the morning with the lights on on your command.

Smart home lighting goes beyond convenience, though. It is a technology conceived with energy efficiency in mind.

Whether at work or at home, smart lights can automatically adjust based on power usage or the amount of daylight. This could help cut down on electricity costs for you and the planet.

You can start remote control lighting with a simple device like the Magnetic Plug Dimming Module. You can adjust the light level of remote lights with separate remote controls.

You get your smart light control with your voice, using the voice assistant Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod.

2. Camera observed

Home security cameras have been a major part of home and business security for quite a long time.

Being able to track your assets remotely is one of the main reasons people adopt smart home technology in the first place.

At the most basic level, you’ll be able to log into your security camera and check on specific areas of your home or business as you go away.

Camera observed

Security camera feature

Advances in technology continue to address issues with surveillance camera functionality and sensitivity. Intelligent motion detection cameras can distinguish between residents, tourists and pets. Even the thief can detect it. You can notify the authorities when there is any suspicious behavior.

Invest in a basic surveillance system that gives you all you need with a wireless, weather-resistant, 2-way audio camera. After the simple setup steps, you can watch live video and watch back from your smartphone, wherever you are.

You can set up your smart home security camera by customizing it to record at predetermined times. You can set the camera to automatically capture images when it senses any movement. You can also zoom in as you need and rotate and reposition images easily.

Camera observed storage

Cameras stored on a memory card, video recorder or in the cloud usually start for free with certain limitations then become more flexible with monthly paid plans.

Surveillance camera combined with voice assistant

Most wireless security cameras currently work with Amazon Echo, Google Home.

When considering what a smart home is, security cameras are an important component to give you complete peace of mind whether you’re at the office or on the beach.

3. Security system and access control

The system allows you to control someone coming in and out of your home even when you are away.

Security system and access control

Controlled by alarm system

In addition to the voice alerts and sirens, you’ll be notified in the event that a disturbance occurs no matter where you are.

If you’re tired of jumping out of the car to open the gates and garage doors, access control lets you do it from your smartphone without going around much.

Controlled by electronic door lock

To grant or deny access to visitors when you are away from home, you can have a complete access control system that protects your door with electronic door locks that can authenticate access by fingerprints, codes, magnetic cards, mobile phones …

From saving energy to preventing intruders, automated security systems give you peace of mind. Protect your most valuable assets and save money by reducing energy costs.

For anyone with an active lifestyle away from home regularly, securing property couldn’t be easier with a simple security system.

4. Entertainment and sound system

Yes, security is important, but entertainment is an important driver for smart home technology owners.

Home theater systems can get tricky when you build them. With home automation, you can streamline all of these platforms and processes so you can focus on your favorite movie or album.

Smart TV lets you access content through online apps and leverage video on demand. More and more of these TVs are incorporating gesture and speech recognition.

Entertainment and sound system

The way of listening to music is changing. Normally, your main music library will be on a Bluetooth enabled device, you can easily connect to external speakers. With sound receivers and amplifiers, you can stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop. You can send this audio stream to some of the speakers in your audio system you want.

Control all the inputs and outputs you need for your particular system from one remote that lets you manage your home entertainment system without having to go through multiple steps.

6. Environment sensor

Besides lighting, one of the most common smart home consumer needs is the ability to control the temperature from anywhere even if you’re in bed and don’t like waking up.

You have pets and plants that need care when you are not at home. Many crops require stable temperature both day and night. You don’t want your pet to get upset or go hungry when you’re away, you can set the heater and feeder remotely.

Like lighting control in your smart home, automatically adjusting the temperature can also offer significant savings by optimizing the use of heaters or air conditioners.

A remote-controlled wall-mounted temperature sensor is much cheaper but you’ll need to invest in a hub if you don’t want to use a keyboard. Set your phone or tablet as a remote and control everything in the thermal sensor system automatically.

Since the smart thermal sensor comes with built-in WiFi, you can adjust and check power reports remotely.

Environment sensor

7. Smart speaker

What can smart speakers do? Smart speakers can do a lot of things. First of all, the speaker controls everything in your own style, from the great-sounding Apple HomePod to the simpler Amazon Echo Dot.

But they also have many special features thanks to the smart voice assistants built in. These smart assistants are voice activated, which means you can ask them to do a variety of things, including playing music, answering questions, and controlling other smart home devices.

8. Smart doorbell

Smart doorbell contains a camera so you can see who is in front of the door and get rid of distractions. Doorbells integrate with the camera, so you can create a whole motion detection system, send you notifications when you’re not at home, and save recordings in the cloud for access when you need it.

9. Automatic curtain control system

In science fiction we often see curtains that open and close with the push of a button this very convenient is often a small component of a modern smart home.

The curtains system will automatically open / close according to the time frame in the morning and evening, to make the most of the most natural light for the house. You can control the curtain anytime, anywhere on your phone, computer and with natural Vietnamese voice when using smart speakers.

Automatic curtain control system

As with lighting, it is not only convenience but also outstanding safety with smart curtains. If you’re on vacation, the curtains that stay open for two weeks is an invitation to any potential burglaries. Automating this element in your smart home allows you to control it even when you are sunbathing in Vung Tau.

10. Smartphone

Smart phone in smart home

You can think of smartphones as the backbone of any smart home. Your phone becomes like a all-in-one remote and you’ll control every built-in device without the need for a bulky plastic controller on the coffee table.

The way your phone communicates with different devices and systems in your smart home is often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

With a proper control center, any smart mobile phone is all you need to start exploring the world of smart home.

11. Household appliances

You can automate many kitchen appliances to make your life easier without getting bogged down in technology. Perhaps you like your coffee machine to pre-brew a cup of espresso in the morning to save precious minutes of time in the morning?

If you have a large family, keeping track of the expiration date inside a crammed refrigerator is a challenge. Smart refrigerators can automate food shelf-life tracking to a minimum. These refrigerators can also compile your weekly shopping lists and create recipes identified by the ingredients you already have.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is most commonly used when we talk about WiFi-enabled devices that we normally associate with the Internet whether it’s your washing machine, refrigerator or dryer. You can interact with most of these devices with an app on your smartphone, and you’ll have remote access as long as you have an internet connection.

If you wonder what a smart home is, a complete home is filled with appliances and appliances that work perfectly in harmony and automatically.

Household appliances

12. Garden care system

You can extend smart home technology into the garden with a wide range of devices.

If you have large lawns that need watering, a sprinkler system is a great way to conserve water. To give your lawn the required amount of water in different weather conditions. Since it is difficult to judge how much you use with the nozzle, the nozzle helps you control consumption. This is great in principle but what if you forget to turn it off when you’re out for the day?

Taps have a simple, cost-effective timer so you have complete control over watering frequency and time. Help you save water and protect the environment.

A more powerful hydraulic timer valve lets you handle more of your garden area. This integrates seamlessly with existing nozzles and nozzles. You can control wirelessly through your smartphone.

It’s not just outdoors where you can use smart irrigation. If you have a lot of houseworkers, you will beat them when they neglect gardening when you are away. The automatic drip irrigation system will keep your plants hydrated so you don’t need to water as often.

If you want to make sure your hanging baskets, potted plants and plant boxes stay green, the misting kit gives you adjustable water levels so you can save time and money.

III. How to install smart home devices?

You are wondering if it is easy to install smart home devices, the installation of today’s devices is very easy, just “plug and play” does not need much configuration.

No need to drill or chisel, just upgrade your home appliances into smart electrical devices, you can own a smart home.


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